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Welcome to Boywood – and the amazing world of Border Collies!

Hi! We are Mary Lou Campbell and Kathy Keats, and we are thrilled that you have dropped by to learn more about the Border Collie and what we can do for you.

We have travelled all over North America and to the UK in our journey to learn more about these amazing dogs.

We want to show you how amazing Border Collies are…and we love to share our adventures with you.

Mary Lou talking with the late legendary Raymond MacPherson at his farm in the UK.

We are the Border Collie Experts

Your source of specialized breeding and training.

Border Collies are incredible dogs. When you have well-trained Border Collie, you have an incredibly smart, active and loyal partner, ready to participate in anything, and we can help you.

  • 50+ years combined experience with Border Collies. There's not much we haven't seen.
  • Sensible, balanced training methods proven to be effective both for companion and competition dogs.
  • Our adventures take you from our farm, onto the sheepdog trialling circuit around North America and across to the U.K.
  • Together, our accomplishments are as wide and varied as representing Canada twice at the World Sheepdog Trial in the UK as well as successful performances in major North American sheepdog trials, training dogs for the stage at the famous Stratford Festival, working on the set of Amazon's tv adaption of Neil Gaiman's American Gods and winning world agility championships.

We help you train the dog you have...to be the dog you want. – Kathy Keats


Your Adventurers

Mary Lou Campbell

Mary Lou has represented Canada twice at the ISDS World Sheepdog Trial, held in the U.K, has been in several double lift finals including the USBCHA National finals and the prestigious Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial, and was the top team with her dog Dyna in the 2014 USBCHA National Final first round. She has also finished in the top 10 of the yearly USBCHA points.

Kathy Keats

Kathy has represented Canada at world competitions in sheep herding and dog agility, winning the IFCS Overall World Championship and the IFCS World Jumpers Championship in dog agility. She has represented Canada twice at the ISDS World Sheepdog, and has also been in several double lift finals including the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial, the CBCA Canadian Championships, and the Kingston Sheepdog Trial. Kathy has also finished in the top 10 of the USBCHA yearly points system. In her former life, she played basketball competitively, representing Canada and head coaching at the university level. 



The same great qualities that make a Border Collie special can also be a problem in homes where they don’t get enough stimulation or their instincts get misdirected. We can help you stay on the right track! We have both local and online options.

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Kathy working her shed at the prestigious Bluegrass Classic.

Border Collies are a breed apart

It’s incredible to think that to this day, the Border Collie still helps farmers, shepherds and ranchers manage livestock to feed the world, as well as being an amazing sport dog and companion.

We still get the shivers watching them do what they were bred to do. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a talented dog go gather a flock of sheep to your feet, just from instinct.

Although we realize most Border Collies are no longer used for work, the traits of a great Border Collie are still the traits of a great dog. A crazy Border Collie is of no use to a shepherd or as a companion.

Traditionally a working Border Collie is sensible, trainable, well-mannered and loyal. That’s what we want – a dog welcome anywhere. We’re sure that’s what you want too, and we can help you get there.

Our Border Collies work sheep on our farm, and daily we get to see how incredible these dogs are. Maintaining the working ability and usefulness of these dogs is one of our prime motivations, as well as making our lives much easier in managing our sheep flock. Working Border Collies help to manage livestock in places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Helping others train these amazing dogs, not just for work but to be great companions, is also part of our day-to-day activities.


A Border Collie is not for everyone

They are active dogs, bred to do a job and are incredible companions when trained.

However, their intelligence and drive, although famous, can be a problem if you aren't willing to be an active part of your dog's life. The selection of the herding trait can create some unusual or problematic quirks that must be addressed well before the obvious signs manifest themselves. These problems are much harder to change once the dog has rehearsed it over and over, so we encourage getting help as soon as you sense a problem.

So whether you have a puppy or dog who needs some manners, or you’d like to find out if your dog has that special instinct, we can help.


Mary Lou working with the iconic John Templeton.


13 Steps to Survive Your Border Collie Puppy (Ebook)

The Sensible Guide to a Great Border Collie Companion


Finally, a book that guides you through the inevitable pitfalls of raising a Border Collie puppy, and how to avoid all their endearing (not) little idiosyncrasies! 

A humorous look at the ins and outs of life with a Border Collie.

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