Experience the pastoral tranquility of herding sheep with Border Collies in the age-old tradition of British shepherds!

Plus try your own hand at herding ducks!

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We have puppies! Are you ready to have one of these wonderful dogs join you in your adventures? We have one of the top breeding programs in the GTA. Our breeding dogs are fully health-tested and selectively chosen for our breeding program based on temperament, working ability, and health. Find out more.

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Herding Training

Want to find out more about training your Border Collie to herd sheep?

Herding is an activity that works a dog's mind and body, and is an excellent outlet for their innate herding instinct.

Please note: We work exclusively with pure-bred Border Collies.

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Your Toronto, Ontario Border Collie Experts!  

When it comes to Border Collie training, whether you want to experience a taste of sheep herding farm life, get started on the right foot with your pup, or give your dog a natural outlet for his instinct by training him to herd, we've got you covered.

Combined, we have over 50 years of Border Collie experience at your disposal and have twice represented Canada internationally at the World Sheepdog Trial.

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4 Things You MUST Know About Training Your Border Collie Puppy...

...from the Border Collie Experts!

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Why would you trust your Border Collie to anyone else?

We bring the science of dog training and the mythic wisdom of the shepherd together.

At Boywood Border Collies, we have over 50 years of combined expertise in understanding and training the Border Collie.

We have travelled across North America and to the UK and Ireland in search of great genetics and to learn at the feet of the masters.

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The Dog of a Lifetime

An era has ended at Boywood Border Collies.

On Thursday, Jan 7, 2021, I said goodbye to one of the kindest, most courageous, biggest-hearted dogs I have ever known.

I remember the day I picked her out.

I looked down at the brand new litter of Border Collies, their eyes still closed, saw a tiny little half-white, half-black face and said, “She’s mine!”

Little did I know the adventure she was about to take me on...

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Experience the amazing life of a shepherd and their dogs and try your hand at duck herding!

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