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Border Collies are special dogs, and are one of the few breeds still bred to do a job. They are in a class of their own.

A great Border Collie should be loyal, intelligent, obedient, sensible, with an “off” switch, yet willing to work at the drop of a hat. This makes them a great working teammate and a wonderful companion for those with active lifestyles.

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Typically, we only  breed once or twice a year, because we believe in producing quality companions and working dogs, not quantity. 

One of the reasons you buy from a reputable breeder is health testing. We do hips, eyes and a panel of genetic tests, plus only choose the best temperaments and working ability.

The other reason you buy from a reputable breeder is we are there to help you after you bring home your pup and will always take a dog back that isn't working out.

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Our Breeding Program

It is important to us to breed fantastic Border Collies. We breed for health, temperament, structure and working ability from our own lines as well as importing top lines from the UK. Our breeding program includes:

  • selected for temperament and biddability
  • health testing for hips and eyes 
  • microchipped
  • vet checked
  • first shots
  • home raised
  • fed on a raw diet
  • registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association

We’ve been breeding Border Collies for over 25 years. 

Finding the Right Dog

Our services include assessing your needs and finding the right puppy or dog for your situation as well as helping you raise a great Border Collie.

Adult Dogs

An adult dog can be the perfect solution when you want a Border Collie but either don't want to deal with the puppy stage and the training, or want to be more certain about the personality of the dog you are getting.

We occasionally have teenage or adult dogs available, either for herding, goose work, or companionship. These dogs have a range of training from manners right up to fully-trained livestock dogs. 

Special dogs require special owners

The owner of a Border Collie is a committed dog lover who likes training and spending active time with their dog.

The Border Collie is not suited to a leisurely lifestyle. Their drive and intelligence makes them excel at dog sports, search and rescue, or working all day on a farm, but those same traits can go very wrong when they are bored or when unsupervised around young children. Border Collies can be trained to have an off-switch, but be sure you are up to the task of training.

Check out this video of one of our puppies, Henry, who previously worked with his handler in Whistler as a full-time search and rescue dog!

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