I Don't Stand A Chance...

adventures england uk Sep 09, 2011

I don't stand a chance...

No, I'm not talking about sheepdog trialling in general or the upcoming World Trial in particular... I'm talking about not getting sick in the next week. I am currently sitting in a doctor's office surrounded by sick children. We are here because Mary Lou developed a cold on the ferry ride over that has progressed to the point of fever, fierce sore throat and a deep chest congestion. There is Kleenex all over the house.

I've cornered the market on orange juice and am considering echinacea, although I can't stand the taste. Due to a completely plugged nose, Mary Lou is breathing through her mouth all the time and the resulting belches are of epic proportion...including the one she accidentally just let rip out on the street as we were paying for parking...much to the horror of the very proper English gentleman nearby... and to Mary Lou, who was mortified, as that is very out of character.

Surrounded by wonderful fields of sheep and one of the masters of sheepdogs in Thomas Longton, our main excursions in England have been to pharmacies and video stores while Mary Lou convalesces.

The miserable weather, pouring rain and howling wind has added perfectly to the ambiance. I may have to think twice about whether I prefer rain or snow.

I'm hoping for a quick turn around for Mary Lou... If she had to blow a whistle in this condition it wouldn't be a pretty sight!

And I've got my fingers crossed that my immune system can keep up the fight at least until we land back in Canada. Oh no... did I just sniffle? Where's the orange juice!?!?

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