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 A well-trained Border Collie is one of the most amazing companions in the world. Here at Boywood, we train Border Collies full-time and are experts in Border Collie behaviour.

Whether you want a great companion or you want to explore the fascinating world of herding, we can help. There is nothing more inspiring to watch than a dog doing what it was bred to do.


Would you like to see your Border Collie do what he was bred to do? If you are near Toronto, Canada, you can book an Introduction to Herding class and watch that incredible instinct kick in.

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Many odd Border Collie tendencies are the result of the herding instinct. Herding is a fantastic physical and mental outlet for those instincts, which helps your dog be more settled and confident. As well, herding dogs are generally very obedient, because if you can control them on sheep, then obedience off of sheep is easy! Many people find herding at least twice a week helps reduce behavioural problems in their Border Collies.

The other benefit to working your Border Collie is to help protect, promote, and maintain the working instinct of the Border Collie. The Border Collie has been bred for over a century to help manage livestock and feed the world. Our aim is to share “the mystique of the shepherd and his dog” with others.

We welcome both beginners and more advanced handlers. Our students range from farmers interested in using their dogs on their farms to city folk fascinated by the Border Collie. Whether you just want to work your dog for the experience or you aspire to compete in sheepdog trials, we can help!

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